• Polyamide profiles - strips used as Thermal Bridge in ALU profiles

  • Polyamide profiles - strips used as Thermal Bridge in ALU profiles

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Polyamide profiles production Belgrade - Serbia

THERMO BRIDGE Ltd. manufactures polyamide strips which are essentially polyamide profiles various sizes and shapes.

Modern aluminum windows and aluminum doors that are trying to meet the new standards in energy efficiency is impossible if they are not with polyamide strips - polyamide profiles.

Polyamide strips - polyamide profiles are thermal bridge or thermal break code that contain modern aluminum windows and doors.
Aluminium windows and aluminum door with a thermal bridge - thermal break in itself a have dramatically improve thermal insulation.

Our main activity is the production of polyamide strips Profile -poliamidnih Practically main activity of our company is a polyamide extrusion profiles or extrusion polyamide strips.

Basic characteristics of our profiles are:

• The material is Polyamide 6.6 with 25% glass fibers (Polyamide 6.6 GF25)
• High gloss outer contours
• High precision and tight tolerances below +/- 0.05 mm in size and type
• High compaction polyamide structure without porosity profile
• High toughness and thermal stability

Our customers are well-known manufacturers of aluminum profiles in the region.

If you have an idea we will make polyamide profile according to your request. If you construct a new aluminum profiles for windows and doors let us know we can make a polyamide thermal break at your request.

We would be pleased if you trust in us and contact us.