Polyamide profiles, polyimide tape, polyamide thermal bridge are three expressions for the same product. Polyamide profiles that we produce are of exceptional quality.

Dimensional accuracy is in accordance with the strictest requirements set by German manufacturers profiles. Tolerances are being drafted +/- 0.05 mm.

The material from which made the profiles of polyamide 6.6 with 25% glass fibers.

With its excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability properties give it a perfect match for use in the production of aluminum windows and aluminum doors. Thanks to its thermal resistance is possible coated aluminum profile with inserted polyamide.

At the same polyamide as the material has excellent thermal insulation properties.

Polyamide extrusion profile with us is done at pressures over 120 bar which gives them a pronounced stability and elasticity.

Glossy surfaces make it easier to remove the chemicals in the process of anodizing aluminum profiles and reduce their consumption.

POLYAMIDE PROFILES - STRIPS, production and saleWe also have a lager produced profiles that can be delivered immediately.

The smooth surface of our polyamide profiles reduce the consumption of PVC powder in the powder coating of aluminum profiles.

At your request, and you can make a drawing polyamide profile by prior arrangement.

We also have a lager produced profiles that can be delivered immediately.

Profiles lenghts: polyamide profiles are in standard length of 6 meters or in the length of your request.

Packaging profiles in bundles of 25 to 50 bars, or in accordance with your needs. Each bundle is wrapped in stretch film.

Currently, our monthly capacity is 18,000 to 20,000 rods length of 6 meters with the intention in the coming year reach a capacity of 40,000 rods per month.